Shadow Guardian

Angels aren’t as pure as we think they are.

I’m in a bad place, but I can’t leave my best friend to suffer alone.

When a local Las Vegas pimp gets me caught up in a brothel against my will, I’ll fight with everything I have to find a way out, for me and for Abby. I just didn’t imagine that a darkly possessive undercover cop might be that way out.

Only, Alexander Malik is more than a cop. He’s an Angel, with odd, onyx-tinged wings and an attitude I don’t expect from someone sent from Heaven. And his sudden interest in me isn’t a professional one. He wants me for his own, and he is willing to do anything in his angelic power to get me out of here.

But I can’t leave my friend, and there are rules this Angel-cop must follow so the demon that owns this brothel can go down as well. Only, Alexander has never been one for following the rules.

And he will behave more like a demon and burn everything to the ground to rescue me . . .