Midlife Wolf Bite

Midlife can bite me.

I could have lived out the rest of my days blissfully ignorant of the underground supernatural world. After all, being over forty, getting a divorce, and starting over is nuts enough.

But instead, I was bitten by a dying Alpha, and now I’m inadvertently thrust into the middle of his divided werewolf pack & their civil war. It’s basically me and my ex, but with more death and mayhem, if that’s even possible.

With new powers emerging & the urge to shift imminent, I’m being forced to make some tough decisions. Like, do I even want to be a werewolf? Not that there’s much of a choice there.

To make matters worse, I’m falling for the pack’s sexy Omega. Totally not planned, let me tell you.

This entire fiasco is putting me and my two kids in harm’s way and if there’s one thing this middle-aged mom won’t stand for – it’s any more jerks screwing with their lives.

Time for everyone to fall in line. There’s a new Alpha in charge and she’s got her big girl panties on.