Realm of Sin

The legends were wrong. King Arthur and his knights were never the good guys…

I’m not the first Guinevere in my family line, or even the tenth. I’m just the newest one. I’m not special. Everyone I know has abandoned me, except Grandma Gwenny, who raised me. And now she’s gone, too.

When my beloved grandma’s final act leads me on a wild hunt across oceans, I never imagined I’d end up in the mythical realm of Camelot.

Except this Camelot isn’t like any of the legends I’ve read about. It’s dark, dangerous, depraved. The land is cursed. Rebellion is afoot. King Arthur and his knights are wicked brothers… and these brothers share everything. 

A girl could get lost here. Hell, I might want to get lost here.

I was brought to Camelot for a reason. Ancient prophecies say I’m more special than I thought. But what do I do when the legendary Knights of the Round Table are more villainous than the bad guys?

I should want to leave, but this place is too seductive. I’m a prisoner in this realm of sin… Do I embrace the darkness?