Salt for Air

Greek mythology meets The Little Mermaid in this delicious fantasy novel about a quiet, nerdy girl who meets a merman prince in her bathroom.
Ellie dreams of mermen.
Dreaming is her escape. Every day, she’s bullied at school -she’s a nerd, she writes fanfiction, she loves books and she used to be overweight. What’s not to bully?
One day, the bullies go too far. They try to drown her, but at the last minute an otherworldly creature shows up in the water. He keeps her breathing and tells her to live: “How will you be able to save anyone if you can’t even save yourself?”
She thinks it was a dream, but the emerald-eyed merman boy who rescued her appears in her school the next day.
That’s when things start to go weird.
Next thing she knows, there’s a mermaid living in her bathroom. And the gorgeous boy who rescued her? Is he really the exiled prince of an ancient kingdom fighting for survival? And is he asking her to save him?
And most impossible of all, could this beautiful boy who looks like a young Poseidon, god of the waters, falling in love with her?
When myth and reality collide, can love save their lives?