Three Deadly Trials

A seductive Fae prince. A headstrong mortal. And a deadly tournament that could consume them both…

I never expected that at twenty-one, my days would revolve around taking my teenage sister, Ava under my wing, and caring for my sick father. But little do I know fate has a different plan for my life— and it all begins when a nightmarish creature shows up in my bedroom…

He claims that a female descendant from my mother’s bloodline is required to enter The Devotion: a lauded and beyond twisted dating game the Fae liked to use to select an acceptable mate for the members of the royal bloodline. 

And the only viable options are me—or my baby sister. 

There is no way in hell I’ll let him have her, so I offer to take her place. 

Now, I’m being dragged from my world and into the heart of the Fae Realm where I’m forced to undergo a series of vicious trials with potentially deadly consequences. The only thing I want is to return to my mundane life, but in order to achieve that, I’ll have to survive first.

I have no interest in these games, but it doesn’t help that the king-to-be is a gorgeous, brooding Fae, named Rowan Blaive. He’s dominant, commanding, and everything I shouldn’t want. And the longer I stay in the competition, the more I’m questioning everything—including my own heart.