Baby’s Shifter Protector

The forbidden love of enemies, a Seelie Fae, and an Unseelie Shifter the fated protector of the child.

The war between Fae and Shifters is a vicious fight.

Aiden is an intimidatingly giant, strong male shifter with an alpha personality and a broad chest.

He is the fated protector of a forbidden human baby.

He is the opposite of my quiet forest Fae. Both in and out of shift, he has me gasping and my heart racing.

I want to trust this shifter despite him being my enemy. I can’t tap down my desire for him.

I live far away from the politics and drama of the Fae kingdom.

Vicious evil fae and savage renegade shifters are lurking in my secluded forest.

We are on the run, searching for the answers to why we are being hunted.

I know he’s the forbidden enemy and the child’s protector, but is he my lover too?