The Lost Archangels

Angels as you’ve never seen them before.

Dare to begin the passionate, thrilling, and provocative journey of love, dilemmas, sacrifice, and an epic love story? Prepare to be addicted… Grab the box set and unveil the mystery behind the romantic and addictive series of The Lost Archangels.

Lost Angels (Prequel)

Busy collecting prayers, on top of watching over the Archangels, it’s another day for Jude Thaddeus to prove his perfection to Father God. He intends to uphold his impeccable record and become an Archangel. Nothing must come between him and his desire.


After years of planning, Lucifer has discovered a means to kill his siblings, the Archangels. It’s a perfect plan. One he’s sure Jude will not see coming. Neither will the Archangels who’ve now become complacent, judgmental, and arrogant.

The battle begins when Ava, the woman chosen to veil the Sacred City of Ashbourne, cries out for help.

Everyone has a plan, a need, or a desire, except they forget the one plan that matters most—God’s. The outcome is shocking, one that triggers a never-ending battle, and unveils a love story like no other.

The Seer (Book I)

Is knowledge truly power?

Who really is Alexandra?

Protected from a world of angels, demons, vampires, and hybrids, Alexandra thinks knowing nothing about her father is the biggest of all the secrets her mother holds. Until she has an accident on her motorcycle.

Speed-loving Alexandra is paralyzed, then wakes up a few minutes later completely healed. It’s difficult for her to draw the truth out of her protective mother and to understand why she sees visions of angels. Somewhere out there, there’s a man they call the Vangel, who is both her foe and soulmate. Some say he wants Alexandra dead, but no one remembers his face.

Is he Alexandra’s current boyfriend, her maybe-next boyfriend, or someone she’s yet to meet? The answer lies in her past, which she can’t know until she gets the Ring that will protect her from the fatal consequences of unveiling the truth. Will Alexandra be patient enough to wait? Or will her curiosity bring the world tumbling down?

The Ring (Book II)

Find out what happens when Alexandra falls in love with a man she must kill. A man she can’t remember.

Alexandra visits her past where she meets the Vangel, her foe and the love of her life. When she wakes, she finds herself still in love with the man she now must find and kill in order to survive. The noble Chan, her first boyfriend, who pretended to break up with her in order to secretly hunt for the Ring Alexandra needs to survive, is missing. Is he dead? Zachary, the man she can’t seem to get over, the one she thought could not compare to the Vangel, still makes her heart skips. More than that, she still has visions of Chan and Zachary with wings. Are they the lost Angels? Regardless who they are, Alexandra has five days to live. She must either wait for the Ring with the hope it will arrive before she dies, or finds and kill the Vangel, whoever he might be.