Murder and Magic by Moonlight

Saving the world sucks.

In a world teetering on the brink of darkness, a destiny unfolds as Simone, who turns out to be the granddaughter of Lilith—freaking Lilith, you know, the mother of all witches—embarks on a perilous quest with her loyal, fierce, over-protective pain in the butt—whoops! Super sexy, she meant super sexy—newly acquired mate. A hellhound at that. The universe gave her a hellhound. Together they must confront an unknown and insidious evil threatening to plunge humanity into eternal chaos, and they need to do it without killing each other first.

As Simone and Connor unravel the enigma shrouding their world, they uncover ancient wrongs that at least Simone wishes they could cover back up and forget about. But with the catastrophic events she’s convinced are looming on the horizon, that’s a pretty bad idea. Time is of the essence as they traverse desolate wastelands and treacherous realms in time and space, seeking allies and unlocking long-lost secrets.

It’s a race against time. Simone and Connor must harness their combined strength to unravel the mysteries of their lineage and confront the darkness threatening to consume everything they hold dear when all she really wants to do is see just how bad her “bad dog” can get.

The universe either loves her or epically hates her. Maybe after there’s no longer a fear of armageddon, she’ll get the chance to find out.