Falling For The Wolf Girl

Scandals, Secrets, and Unanswered Questions

Liz Gold desperately wants freedom from the nightmare she escaped. But, her writing therapy launches more problems since her best friend steals her “for your eyes only” novel and sends it to literary agents.

Nobody was ever supposed to read about her adventure, especially not the part where she fled her captors by shifting into her wolf. But she could pass it off as fantasy. Right? Nobody really believes in werewolves.

Until Scott Taylor gets his hands on a copy of the ill-fated manuscript.

The book’s title is a clue to the life he tried to forever leave behind. How does this author know anything about his world? He may be an alien hiding on Earth, but he doesn’t expect to fall for the girl who hates his home world.

What should Liz do when a devastatingly handsome man she hardly knows begins pursuing her? How will she keep her secrets and her sanity if he proves to be the villain after all?

Liz struggles through her accident-prone life, and she has no idea what fate will dish out next.

Curl up to enjoy how Liz and Scott navigate their secrets and love triangle in a truly epic and humorous comeback kid journey in this fated mate romance.