Wolf’s Howl of Lust

When I am surprised by armed men while searching for a missing scientist, I think I’m done for. I never expect to be rescued by the most wonderful being I’ve ever seen in my life!

“They just smile and their guns are right at me.
Then a god of a man bursts into the camp and with a cry that sounds like the snarl of a wild animal, he grabs the poacher nearest me, lifts him bodily off the ground and slams him back down hard. The man bounces once, then lies still, face-down on the ground.”

I can’t believe I’m going to die like this.
I thought a bear might get me or maybe a cougar.
But not poachers.
Then a god of a man swoops in and rescues me from the jaws of death.
He’s perfect.
He’s everything I’ve ever desired.
And he’s more than just a man.
He’s a wolf shifter!
Suddenly, I’m caught up in something bigger than I ever imagined.
How will I convince this Alpha wolf that I’m worthy of a future with him?